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Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment
Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment Chemicals

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Sodium Hypochlorite is a water disinfection chlorine chemical used for treating domestic and potable water. It comes in 12-14% concentration and specifically in UAE, it is required to disinfect all stored water by use of either chlorine, UV, and other accepted alternative disinfection methods. Sodium hypochlorite is dosed to the tanks and the required residual of chlorine by the municipality is at 0.2 – 0.5 ppm. In residential, hotels and other hospitality sodium hypochlorite is used frequently for the purification and disinfection of the house as it is chlorine that can be added even to drinking water. Same as bromine, sodium hypochlorite can be used as an oxidizing biocide as a chlorine disinfectant in cooling towers.

Advantages :

  •         Dosage is simple.
  •         It is safe to Transport and store sodium hypochlorite.
  •         Sodium hypochlorite is as effective as chlorine gas for disinfection.
  •         Sodium hypochlorite produces residual disinfectant.

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