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Bathroom Floor Drains - SS Plumbing Products

They ensure easy, fast and efficient drainage. They are used both in public use places (SPA centers, swimming pools) and private bathrooms, rooms, basements. We offer a wide option of gratings finding customer approval in functional and aesthetic features. When drains do not work as they are supposed to, wastewater pools in wet areas or get flows into other parts of the house and this can create serious concerns of health for the residents. The wastewater can flow into the living areas or bedroom areas of the house in places where there is no the correct amount of floor drains present and wet area appliances like toilet cisterns or washing machines fail. If there is no presence of floor drains or the floor grade does not fall to the floor drain, the water will pond in the wet areas and make the floors much difficult for cleaning and can get slippery which leads to tripping hazards. Non-stop damping will lead to increased mold and can also increase the level of humidity inside of the house which increases the spreading of the dust mites. The long-lasting effects of water can comprise rust, rot, termite attack and this eventually led to structural failure. Our supplied range of stainless-steel Bathroom Floor Drains are discreet and allows a comprehensive structure of the room along with entry into the shower area without a threshold. All of our supplied solutions are known for their attractive design, easy to clean options and hydraulically optimized outlet technology.