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Funnel Floor Drain Plumbing Products

The funnel drains receive the condensate, drip or wastewater directly from indirect waste lines. The funnel prevents any type of splash and directs the waste into the drain. The exposes grate portion works as drainage for any type of floor waste. The funnel remains attached to the grate with the help of concealed screws and it can also be moved to any desired location of the grate. Oval or round funnel is mostly recommended to be used for single usage pipe. The adjustable top allows accurate positioning of the grate as needed for meeting the finished level of the floor. We bring for you an advanced range of floor drains along with trench solutions that have been designed to be easy to install, clean and even inspect. We again offer you floor drains suited for indoor usage along with area drains for outdoor applications like parking places.

The Watts funnel floor drain is made up of epoxy coated cast iron and comes with anchor flange, reversible clamping collars with secondary & primary weep holes. They are having an adjustable heel proffer nickel bronze strainer, a funnel of nickel bronze and no hub outlet.

Features –

  • Standard heel-proof grate
  • Featured with double drainage re-capture perimeter seepage
  • Takes out indirect waste and floor drainage
  • The strainer is made up of all nickel having an extended shank
  • Epoxy coated cast iron floor drain with anchor flange
  • PVC or ABS Body c/w Outlet (Optional)
  • Reversible membrane clamp with primary and secondary weepholes,
  • Adjustable nickel bronze (standard) strainer
  • Nickel Bronze or Cast-iron Strainer (Optional)
  • Round nickel bronze (standard) funnel
  • No hub (MJ) (standard) outlet.
  • PVC or ABS Body c/w Outlet (Optional)
  • Push on / Threaded / Inside Caulk outlet (Optional)