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Planter Drain Plumbing Products

All types of roof applications are different than each other and can also need the main area, plaza, planter area, standpipe, overflow, multi-level or parapet type drainage systems. We offer drainage solutions for the roof which you require and are perfect options for configuring several roof drains for meeting the requirements of your project. Planter drains are ideally suited for indoor atrium areas, outdoor rooftop promenade deck areas and planting areas on the ground level where excess water needs to be drained. Our supplied epoxy coated cast iron planter drains come with a bottom outlet along with combinations of invertible membrane clamps which are adjustable vertically with nickel bronze head, dome and floor flange.

Our complete line of roof drains can offer drainage solutions for typical installations like standard and green roof constructions, insulation roof membrane systems, gypsum roof deck systems, precast concrete or steel roof deck, structural steel joist along with wood roof systems and precast hollow cell and precast solid concrete roof deck systems.

Features –

  • Epoxy coated cast iron body
  • PVC or ABS Body c/w Outlet (Optional)
  • Membrane clamping device.,
  • Self-locking cast aluminum (standard) dome
  • Bronze Dome (Optional)
  • Strainer covered with mesh screen.
  • Round nickel bronze (standard) funnel
  • No hub (MJ) (standard) outlet.
  • Push on / Threaded / Inside Caulk outlet (Optional)