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Rain Water Shoe Plumbing Products

Rain Water Shoes are used for directing the rainwater far away from the building, mostly from the roof gutter over to a drainage system. Sometimes, they are again called drain spout, downspout, roof drain pipe or leader. According to many regulations, drainage and water disposal needs an adequate amount of provision for carrying the rainwater out from the roof of the buildings. For achieving this, the roofs are required to have a design that comes with suitable fall towards either surface water collection channel or gutter which surface water towards a vertical rainwater downpipe that in turn connects the discharge with the drainage system. Conventionally the rainwater shoes are made with Cast nickel bronze, but they can also be constructed with aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized steel and others. They have a tendency to get blocked when debris like twigs and leaves get accumulated. For preventing this, they are required to be properly maintained and are mostly attached towards buildings that use brackets that can be easily removed to clean when needed. The number and size of the Rain Water Shoe are mostly round in section but can be of any shape. They mostly have diameters that range from 50 - 150 mm.

Features –

  • Cast nickel bronze
  • Downspout nozzle with anchor flange
  • Pre-drilled countersunk mounting holes
  • IPS threaded (standard), no hub, or push-on connection