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Sediment Interceptor Plumbing Products

The sediments which are present in stormwater and sewer drainage systems come with major engineering challenges. The accumulation of these can result in serious problems of operations like flow restriction and premature overflows. Sediments are also known for contributing significantly to polluting the load of storm overflows. The usage of the sediment interceptors in the downstream intake of stormwater or within the sewer systems is a significant way to alleviate these problems. Sediment Interceptors are unique systems that have been designed for straining out the solid sediments effectively for preventing the clogging on the drainage systems. These units are primarily installed beneath the sink for ensuring that all the solid sediments will not get clogged in the internal piping system that can incur high maintenance and replacement costs. The sediment interceptor works to collect solids like plaster, metal chips and stones before it gets inside the drainage line. They can be cleaned by removing the cover and lifting the bucket strainers out of the body vertically. Mostly the food waste particles during dishwashing which tend to discharge together with the wastewater gets stuck. Over the passing of time, the sediment will get accumulated and harden which results in clogging of the pipe.

Dutco Tennant LLC brings to you epoxy coated sediment interceptors from Watts having with perforated sediment bucket, gasketed cover secured by a single securing bolt and removable perforated baffle.

Features –
  • Floor mounted or recessed
  • Epoxy coated steel
  • All Stainless steel available as optional
  • Gasketed epoxy coated steel skid-proof cover
  • Removable stainless steel dual chamber basket
  • No Hub Connection
  • Female Threaded Inlet & Outlet (Optional)
  • Maximum flow rate 30 GPM
  • Prevents hair, lint, plaster, and sediment from entering and clogging drain lines