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IN Expansion Bellow Irrigation Network

Expansion bellow piping are made of one single bellows element with end connections. Expansion Bellow are flexible elements that absorb movements in the pipe system. These movements they absorb are defined by axial, lateral, angular and universal movements. The flexible bellows can be designed to absorb one of these movements or to absorb more of these movements in combination. The expansion bellow is fitted in pipe systems and installed between two fix points (anchors). The extension of the pipe is compensated by the compression of the bellows. In some cases, typically cryogenic and chilled water services, the pipe system contracts in service causing the expansion joint to extend in length. Thermal expansion of the pipe system results in an axial compression of the installed expansion joints. The specifications for flexible bellows should always state the movements as they affect the flexible bellows, and not those generated by the pipe system.


  • Absorbs axial, lateral, and angular movements
  • Must be properly guided
  • Does not restrain the pressure thrust
  • Requires main and directional anchor