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IN UPVC Fitting Irrigation Network

UPVC Plastic Pipes and Pipe Fitting are available in vast range and in various materials, Whatever be your application... We have the Piping System - that can be installed on surface, buried, slip lined, trench less, floating and submerged. UPVC Plastic pipes can be used in Fluids transport include, For Lifting, Transporting, Conveying, Distributing Disposing or Tapping of Water, waste-water (drainage & sewage), compressed gases/air, odorous and corrosive gasses, chemicals and hazardous wastes/effluents. Solids conveyed include coal ash, slurries, sand and cables.

Used for conveyance of water in drip/sprinkler irrigation systems, lift irrigation systems, surface irrigation systems, subsoil drainage system, potable water supply systems, rising main and distribution lines.


  • Convenient push-fit joints. Saves manpower.
  • Jointing can be done during any time of the day under any weather conditions.
  • Faster installation, immediate pressure testing and commissioning possible.
  • Joints accommodate expansion and contraction.
  • Joints are resistant to soil movement due to earthquake effects.
  • The elastomeric rings have properties matching to Pipe with long shelf life.
  • Available as per IS-4985, ISO-1452-2 and DIN-8062.
  • Available in sizes & pressure classes shown in the table in Green colour.