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Internal Angle Profiles Architectural Finishing Products

Internal angle profiles are manufactured from PVC or Aluminum angle profiles gives decorative aspect at the corners. It can be used at the junction of floor and walls where hygiene is required. It prevents dirt accumulation at the corners. Blocks water leakage at the corners when applied with silicone or such like finishing profile material. PVC angle trims of stainless steel can be found in the same dimension as the ones which are made up of carbon steel. This also makes for much easier calculation and congruent planning. This is mostly regarding the projects which require the advantages of the resistance to corrosion characteristics of the angles of stainless steel. Because of their geometry, they are also known as L-profiles. These profiles are traditionally available in the following grades of stainless steel which are d 304L, 316 and 316L as well as 316Ti. These bars are the most basic steel profiles for application over structures. The equal stainless-steel angles are the most common ones which you can find. The big size ones can reach up to around dimensions of 200x200x20 millimeters. The bigger bars are mostly profiles having very rare use. The unequal stainless-steel angles also follow the sizes that of the carbon steel counterparts. Dutco Tennant LLC is a specialist for supplying and delivering high-class PVC angle systems that offer solutions for everyone beginning from specifiers to installers and end-users. They are having the highest standards of quality. They are made up of uPVC and offer 3 profiles of choice. They are suited for use in most of scenarios.


  • PVC Internal Angle Profiles
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