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Border Line Profiles Finishing Products

Without perfect finishing details, no matter how much beauty you decorate and manage your interior decors they won’t give an aesthetic look. It is also very important for your floor and wall corners to be protected well enough so that they do not get scratched or shattered after coming under impact. The best solution to solve these problems is architectural products. We supply profiles that have been designed to clear up all of the architectural details and bring out an artistic aspect at the junctions and edges of carpet, vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite and at the transitions with altitude difference. Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent provider of finishing profiles in the Gulf and Middle East region. We have worked with a number of clients in the GCC region to provide high-end finishing profiles for a number of projects in this region. We are a leading provider of high-quality, ground-breaking and hard-wearing Architectural finishing Products such as Roofing tiles, Expansion joint profiles, Stair nosing Profiles, Finishing profiles, Entrance mats, Access Doors & Hatches. These products are reliable and cost-effective and that is what we are known for. Our best quality products have been designed to provide maximum functionality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional toughness.

The borderline profile is a new generation of recessed led profiles, setting standards in the indirect lighting segment. It features remarkable trimless finishing and is easy to install and finish. Borderline profiles are meant for decorative purposes. Border finishing profile applied with LED fixture furnishes an elegant atmosphere to the places. Integrate with tile trims. Borderline profiles can be placed horizontal or vertical between the tile trims. These border profiles can be manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel. Borderline LED panels create a very modern look to any room and they are perfect for catching people’s eye and are almost always the center of the conversation. The slim outline lit panel is a powerful 40W that uses the latest LED technology and does not lack power. It is highly cost-effective, energy-saving and eco-friendly. The borderline can be used for both wall and ceiling applications, enabling you to frame the room with light. Available with RGB, tunable white, warm or cold white LEDs, offering a contemporary indirect lighting solution with an exceptional eye for architectural detail.

If you need any more details like pricing, availability, specifications, features, delivery options, etc. you should call us right now to get detailed information. If you are not able to choose the right option for your home then also feel free to contact us as our dedicated team of experts will guide you with everything you need. You can finish the tile project with the help of a stylish accent by selecting the best trim line, edging or border. This step offers an excellent function by softening the raw edges of the tile floors and walls for ensuring proper installation. We have a superior selection of metal border edging which can be found in a wide range of patterns, colors and textures which can add the best complement to your next project. While investing a huge into the tile design of the room, many homeowners forget to look at how critical it becomes for properly finishing the edges of their tile project. By taking out the exposed edges, the trim softens the transition where the tile ends that adds a high-end look and outlines the tile installation exceptionally. But the trim pieces are again an important design feature. Trim tile being layered can also elevate the entire design. Dutco Tennant LLC can supply the best-in-class solutions which can help you to make every project stand out.


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