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Swimming Pool Solutions - SS Plumbing Products

Slot channels with narrowed slots (8 mm) are the perfect solutions for swimming pools, separating wet and dry areas. Thanks to reduced dimensions they are perfectly safe for feet. When designing this product we take a lot of factors into consideration: a place of installation, water intake requirements, shape/size of the swimming pool, etc. We offer slot channels in both AISI 304 and AISI 316L grades.

Slot channels are very simple and inexpensive surface drainage systems that are used in areas where the high hydraulic capacity of the channel is not needed. The perfect solution for swimming pools along with rooms was condensated drips from machines and air conditioning devices. Standing water as long as it is left to pool on the ground, can erode the concrete and make it uneven and even create fissures and cracks on the ground. It can also create tripping hazards leading to serious injuries and needing costly repairs. Slot channels can offer proper drainage and any water collected at the ground will be flowed out via the outlet. Lack of proper swimming pool drainage can create standing water that does not dry up quickly. This can create potential safety hazards. But with slot channels you can get the perfect drainage and most of the water on the ground due to splashing and exiting the pool will directly flow towards the drainage outlet. Slot channels for swimming pools can also help for preventing mildew and mold along with bacterial growth. The waterborne bacteria which occur in and around the pools can create serious problems to health. But with good drainage systems, these problems will also be eliminated. Commercial slot channels will restrict the collection of water under the pool that can prevent it from getting popped or floated out of the place.