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Oil Interceptor Plumbing Products

On industrial and commercial sites, Oil Interceptors are installed along with car washes and car parks for preventing the mixup of water, petrol or oil. The oil which leaks from vehicles, accidental spillage and other potential spills which enter the drainage system can create serious issues of the environment comprising of damages to the natural habitats which can result in loss of natural wildlife pollution and the population that can result in fines being imposed by the environmental agencies. The main function is to separate the oil from the water. The interceptors work by trapping the runoffs of rainwater from surfaces where there is the presence of oil. When this runoff is trapped, it can ensure that the oil does not gets contaminated with the water and soil. After allowing passage to only clean water to pass through and the oil remains which then gets collected, transported and disposed at disposal sites. Oil Interceptors often look like chambers that work in the way that the oil and water pass these chambers and the design of each chamber allows the oil within the water to rise to the top with the cleaner water moving via the next chamber. These chambers use a vent above them for releasing the vapor. The oil-free water finally passes over to storm drainage or outlet.

We supply a wide range of epoxy coated Oil Interceptors that have flow ratings of 10 to 75 GPM. The units include sediment buckets, deep seal trap, cover securing bolts, adjustable draw-off assembly, stainless steel calibrated orifice plate and vent connections.

Features -

  • Epoxy coated inside and outside fabricated steel grease interceptor
  • Flow rating of 100 to 600 GPM
  • Grease capacity of 200 to 600 lbs
  • Sediment Bucket
  • Deep seal trap
  • cover securing bolt(s),
  • coated non-skid rectangular removable cover