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Quality manhole covers are detachable plates which are used as cap to cover manholes. Manhole covers are used as a safety measures to stop anyone or anything from falling in the road manholes, and stop unauthorized persons and materials entering the manhole. In most cases, Manhole covers are designed using tough cast iron material which is very corrosion resistant and can survive heavy motor traffic. Manhole covers are designed with a metal bottom and a small inset rim that fits over the cover. We work with major Manhole cover manufacturers in world to provide sturdy manhole covers that are used in heavy traffic road, airports, crowded pedestrian areas and other residential and industrial areas.

Benefits of Our Manhole Cover:

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Ductile Iron (D.I.) & Cast Iron (C.I.) recessed Manhole Covers & Frames supplier in U.A.E. We are the most popular international brand Manhole Covers supplier in Saudi Arabia & UAE for the past few years. We are multi-brand cast iron manhole cover and ductile iron sewer cover supplier in the Middle East and GCC area.

We have complete expertise in providing various heavy duty manhole covers for different projects in the Gulf countries, and we have your needs covered. We have wide range of options that will help you to choose the product best suited to your project. Our manhole covers have been designed to meet various international standards including European Standards BS EN 124 & BS 497/76. They are loaded with inventive features which make them tough, secure and easy to set up. We provide manhole covers which are available in both solid top and buried types in single seal & double seal options in diverse dimensions and loading potential made for housing, commercial and manufacturing building and civil infrastructure works.

Manhole Covers & Frame

Manhole Covers & Frame