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Expansion joints provide seismic protection for fire sprinkler systems. They are capable of movement in all directions and should be installed anywhere that building or pipe movement is expected, including seismic, thermal growth and building settlement. Fire Protection Loop Expansion joints can accommodate movement in all directions, bringing the same seismic protection offered in regular loop metroloop expansion joints to this life-safety application. Extremely compact, they simplify sprinkler system design and eliminate the need for multiple convoluted joints or grooved couplings fabricated site.

In seismic application, fire protection expansion joints are positioned anywhere movement is expected, like the building’s seismic expansion joints. When the loop is installed vertically or horizontally, the 180-degree return bend of the loop must be supported to allow the entire loop to move freely.

With the absence of proper joints in protected ceiling and walls, the degree of fire resistance is reduced considerably. We offer permanently elastic joint elements which feature multi-layer construction and are made of highly elastic foam with intermediate layers made of flexible intumescent material. In the event of a sudden sire, the latter is activated by the effect of heat. It foams to reliably prevent the joint from burning through.

The expansion joint for a fire sprinkler system is an extremely flexible joint accommodating the movement in all directions and also providing excellent seismic protection. They are UL listed and FM Approved.

It may be installed anywhere in the building where the sprinkler pipe movement is expected, including seismic, thermal growth and building settlement.

Already installed in thousands of seismic applications for engineered piping systems, as well as applications for thermal movement, connections to machinery the metraloops and fireloops have none of the pressure thrust loads of conventional bellows-type joints. They have negligible spring rates and require minimal guiding. They need no anchoring, thrust blocks or structural steel.

Fire protection expansion joints are UL-listed for fire-sprinkler systems in sizes from 1/2" through 8". Models are available with several types of end connections: threaded, flanged, welded, or grooved.

Models are assigned based on pipe size, amount of movement, end-to-end length, overall-run length, maximum operating pressure (psi), spring force (lb), weight (lb), and end connections.

Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leading supplier of firefighting products in the Middle East and GCC region and has built relationships and partnerships in over 100 countries. We bring to you the products that meet international standards and quality with relevant certifications. All our supplied products are manufactured by some of the most renowned brands of the world using modern and advanced technologies.

Having the vast experience in industries spread across multiple verticals, and with the aged experience of about 40 years, we have realized the need of other equipment that is required in a project to give the complete project full fire protection.

Braided Loop Joints

Braided Loop Joints

Seismic Double Expansion Joints

Seismic Double Expansion Joints