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Lamella Seals along with the holding plates made of special spring steel are vital in the kiln as they prevent leakage of hot gases from the system to the atmosphere. These are easy to install and does not need a robust arrangement and equipment to replace the same. We supply lamella seals which are manufactured with suitable materials which can effectively withstand the kin temperature of 1400 Deg C. We also supply the kiln retaining plates made of spring steel and outlet wearing seal segments to ensure proper positioning and stiffness of the lamella seal. They are made according to the fitting arrangement at the site.

Our advantages –

  • Ready stock of various types of Fabrics to ensure the minimum lead time
  • 100% control on timely delivery and quality
  • Quick response in terms of documentation/service requirements

Dutco supplies Lamella Seals superior to the traditional pneumatic seal because of its modern, rugged design and construction. Lamella Seals along with the Holding plates made of Special spring steel are vital in the kiln as they prevent leakage of hot gases from the system to the atmosphere. Our lamella seals with suitable materials can effectively withstand a high range of kiln temperature. These are easy to install and does not need robust arrangement and industrial supplies equipment to replace the same.

Lamella Seals can be delivered in very short notice, thereby ensuring least downtime to its customers.

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Lamella Seals

Lamella Seals