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Laser Sintering system uses an accurate, high-wattage laser to weld together powdered metals and alloys to make fully functional metal parts from your CAD data. It does away the need of time-consuming tooling and makes complex geometries which is not possible with other metal manufacturing processes.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides incredible Laser Sintering machine like 3D Printing Metal machine from leading global manufacturers. It does not require any additional support structures, and is fit for interlocking parts, living hinges, moving parts, and other more complex designs. Our laser sintering machine gives both fully functional prototype and a series of other complex parts. In addition, we can quickly offer you best and most cost-effective solutions by collaborating with best vendors.

Quality Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printers are in our supply. With these you can do rapid prototyping and create high-resolution nylon parts up faster than with any other competing SLS 3D printers. Less production costs, simple testing process, and less material waste are the important points of our products.

One major benefit of SLS is that it doesn't need any support structures that many other 3D printing technologies require to prevent the design from collapsing during production. These material testing products don’t need supports saving material cost and allowing faster 3D part production.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides good quality Laser Sintering machines and direct metal laser sintering machines to major clients in the countries like Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and others. Get in touch with us through Email or phone for good quality 3D printers in these countries.

Advantages of Laser Sintering:

  • They are economical to use and can make high-quality prototypes.
  • They have proven quality and offer high productivity.
  • You can do enhanced monitoring using these machines.
  • Comes with intuitive software.
  • Reproducible part quality.
  • We have extensive portfolio of products for our great clients.
3D Printing Metal

3D Printing Metal