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As a leader in providing dynamic measurement technology for material testing, we support our customers in industry and science to get the right products which will help them to meet their objectives. Kistler sensor is at the heart of every measurement system from Kistler. It is based on piezoelectric technology which is the most important element of our measurement technology.

We provide you sensors, measurement systems, and services which are exactly made as per your needs.  The company offers solutions which fully focus upon the complicated current and future challenges in the areas of automobile industry, industrial mechanization, and in other fields of extreme environments. We are a dedicated Industrial Testing Solutions provider and by offering our latest products, we make vital contributions towards the further growth of current trends such as electrified drive technology, autonomous driving, emission reduction, and Industry 4.0. These products have been built by companies with years of deep application knowledge. Our complete product portfolio covers all applications and services in piezoelectric measurement technology.

Superior Kistler Sensor Offered By Us:

The company provides Kistler Sensors and other industrial automation solutions for all measuring requirements. You can use Kistler's sensor and electronic components to satisfy every possible requirement so as to deliver accurate and dependable measurement results.

Kistler Sensor is at the heart of every Kistler solution. Designed on the piezoelectric effect, it is the most significant measurement technology at Kistler and delivers excellent and innovative experience for users in a wide range of industries.

Dutco Tennant LLC supplies highly specialized sensors and systems for doing various measuring tasks in extreme environments. With our widespread portfolio of pressure and force sensors and accelerometers you can measure thermoacoustic phenomena in high-temperature surroundings, do dynamic high-pressure measurements, and other tasks. Email us or call us for quality material testing Kistler sensors in the Middle East and GCC area.

Force Sensor

Force Sensor