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As per the varied industrial applications’ requirements, we supply various Dowel Bars which have been contrived with different possible features. In order to ensure short notice supply, we keep big inventory of Dowel Bars which have been designed in many different diameters and lengths and are ready to be shipped. The steel Dowels Bars that we supply are Hot Rolled Plain Round steel bars which confirm to various international standards including ASTM. Our steel dowels for concrete are ideal for a various building and concrete applications.

Benefits of Dowel Bars:

Dutco Tennant LLC is the best product, service and support provider for your dowel bar needs. Concrete slab dowel bars may be used to transmit loads from one slab to another at the same time as allowing axial thermal extension along the dowel’s axis. We provide epoxy coated dowel bars, stainless steel dowel bar, galvanized coated dowel bars, and others types. Stainless steel dowel bars provide a hard-wearing, decomposition resisting solution for concrete connections or other structural applications. Available in various size ranges, material types and strengths, we have suitable dowel bar for most necessities.

We are based in Dubai, U.A.E., and we have professional knowledge and skill which are backed by decades of experience in serving the Middle East and Gulf. We are an enterprise with the mission to define the technical excellence. Quality, sturdiness and usefulness are the important attributes of superior quality products that we supply. Quality for us is every business’s lifeline and comes only through years of experience and effort. We do not leave anything on chance when it comes to quality. We are committed to meet your civil infrastructure project needs by supplying excellent solutions and our ultimate motto is your success.  We cover the entire Middle East region.

SS316 - Stainless Steel

SS316 - Stainless Steel