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Chromatography solutions is an important method in many scientific and industrial uses. Our company can greatly help you in improving efficiencies and outcomes in your laboratory. Your companies’ success will determine the success of our effort; we want to see you successful.

We support our customers with a range of solutions including preparative Chromatography system. We can help you to find out the best Chromatography system for your needs. We also provide installation and training to help you get the best from your chemical lab solution and keep you up-to-date with the latest software.

We also have a big range of gas chromatography products. The company can offer solutions tailored to your needs. We source everything from the global vendors and also provide installation and training.

Get the Most Advance Chromatography Solutions from Us:

The company offers the industry’s most lightweight and effective Chromatography Equipment, which is widely used across multiple analysis lab for materials testing, food testing, environmental, education, forensics and many others research centers.

If you are looking for systems which have been designed to be smaller, quicker, with greater sensitivity and with more energy efficiency, then you can get in touch with us.  Our Chromatography Solutions can achieve reduced power usage and heat output over other Chromatography Solutions. Our products are made in the finest manufacturing units across the world as per the highest quality standards. Company’s customers get market-leading service and support.

Put our latest products to use in your laboratory. We’ve focused on providing leading-edge products for sample preparation, sample handling, and chromatographic separation to satisfy today’s demands for analytical research, efficiency, and usage.

Our significant expertise in gas chromatography enables us to create customized solutions for our customers’ individual needs.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading supplier of Chromatography instrumentation and solutions. Building on the experience supplying analytical solutions for decades we market systems ranging from simple stand-alone Chromatography equipments to full analyzers which are designed for complex applications and analysis.

Preparative Chromatography System

Preparative Chromatography System