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Healthcare providers are always worried to serve people in emergency situations. They have discovered the usefulness of mobile health care these days. The Mobile Emergency units which we provide are based on customized vehicles like Buses, Vans, and they are loaded with critical equipment. They bring healthcare facilities to needy populations bringing down the response time in emergencies, and ensure life safety of deserving people.

We provide mobile emergency units to provide medical care to people at public places, commercial places, and anywhere they need it. Loaded with premium grade equipment on board, these medical vans are equipped with latest technology as per the present medical industry standards. Company provides customized Mobile Medical Vans to serve medical emergency situations at nominal prices.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a market leader in providing custom-built mobile mobile laboratory emergency service which may be made available on trucks, trailers, and large trucks. All our medical units are equipped with latest equipment to meet the emergency medical requirements.

Company offers the most extensive fleet of flexible mobile disaster units and vehicles. Our advance medical facilities can be used to suit various medical situations, and they have been the backbone of mobile medical care for years. Company understands today’s challenging healthcare needs and pride ourselves in providing world class, life saving medical facilities to the people in need.

We have mobile medical units which are recognized among the best in the world. Our knowledge and experience gives a unique advantage as we understand how to build best mobile units in the world.

Serving People in Emergency Situations:

  • Equipped with latest facilities these mobile command vehicles can be taken to emergency situations instantly.
  • Can be driven fast on highways and every road to bring medical facilities to needy.
  • They have built-in generators for electricity, AC, water, cabinets, and a selection of medical equipment.
  • Sensitive medical equipment are kept shock mounted and installed in a way convenient to doctors and attendants.
  • Laced with medical and general equipment that can serve various medical situations well.
Emergency Unit

Emergency Unit